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Treatment comparison website set to protect the public from rogue cosmetic dentists

According to a recent survey undertaken by the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 23% of brits have undergone some form of cosmetic dentistry, and the industry is now reportedly worth around £3.6billion. However, ‘cowboy’ practitioners are “running rampant across the UK” according to the British Dental Association.[1]

Undoubtedly there is money to be made by anyone claiming to have expertise in cosmetic dentistry, and this may go some way to explaining the exponential rise in the number of practitioners offering the service. But are patients being misled, and putting their dental health in jeopardy as a result?

Tim Molony, founder of[2], shares my own view that regulation of the cosmetic surgery market has not kept up with the surge in unqualified rogue practitioners who are treating patients across the UK. Patients are often unable to differentiate between qualified specialists, and those without qualifications who are dabbling in cosmetic dentistry.


I have seen first hand the impact of negligent cosmetic dental treatment. Only recently I secured £55,000 for one of my cosmetic dentistry clients, whose dental health was compromised to such an extent that she required multiple root canal treatments, extractions, and implants. A large percentage of my client’s damages were to pay for that remedial treatment. aims to bring accredited, qualified practitioners together, create a transparent environment for patients to browse qualified, leading specialists, and review the quality of the treatments provided. This can only be a positive move in an industry plagued by rogue practitioners and false promises.

In the circumstances, I wholeheartedly endorse sites such as Whilst we wait for regulators to catch up, it is essential that patients at least have access to facts and data which allow them to make an informed choice about their cosmetic dental treatment.

[1] website

[2] Compare the treatment comparison website

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