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    The Dental Negligence Team have been working in the field of dental negligence for over 30 years. Our team have expert knowledge of the field and are specialists in seeking maximum, and sometimes record-breaking, levels of compensation.


    We are a friendly, approachable team, dedicated to helping victims of all types of dental malpractice. We genuinely act in our clients’ best interests and understand that cases of this nature must be dealt with sensitively, professionally and efficiently.

    We have particular expertise in the following types of claims:

    “Highly recommended and helped me with a successful case at a very low fee.”


    Alisha Bowell

    £5,000 secured for negligent root canal treatment

    How making a claim with us works

    When you make a claim for dental negligence, you understandably want to know what will happen next. Our experienced team, who have been working on cases like these for many years, have an in-depth understanding of how these cases will proceed.


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