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Negligent Crown And Bridge Work

Where a patient has crowns and/or bridges placed, there are a number of ways in which negligent crown and bridge work may be provided. The fit of the crown or bridge work may be poor, and given that the purpose of such dental work is usually to improve the appearance of the teeth, if the outcome is cosmetically unpleasant, there may be a claim.

Negligent crown and bridge work

Another possibility is that the grinding down of teeth in preparation for the placement of crowns and bridges can result in sensitivity, or rough areas on opposing teeth.

Usually a crown or bridge has a life expectancy of about twelve years, so failure of a crown or bridge before that time may indicate a poor standard of workmanship.

Crown and bridge work is restorative dentistry and not all dentists are competent to carry it out. If a dentist carries out work beyond his expertise instead of referring on to a specialist that may well found a good claim for negligent crown and bridge work.

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