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Negligent Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is dental treatment designed to correct the positioning of malaligned teeth.

Claim for negligent orthodontict treatment

Claims often arise in circumstances where an orthodontist, or in fact more usually a general dental practitioner, has failed to take account of the fact that a tooth has not yet erupted. If the dentist or orthodontist fails to detect an unerupted tooth (usually a canine) when the patient is nine or ten years old, damage to surrounding teeth may occur, leading to the need for further remedial treatment, or extraction of other teeth.

A claim for negligent orthodontic treatment may also arise against an orthodontist where corrective treatment has not been given when it should have been, or in the case of over-treatment.

Failure to refer to an orthodontist by a general dental practitioner working beyond his expertise may also lead to a successful claim for negligent orthodontic treatment.

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