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How We Work


The Dental Negligence Team is made up of highly qualified, genuinely specialist lawyers, with years of hard-earned experience.  


We recognise that the key to success in pursuing dental negligence claims lies in teamwork. We work with trusted dental experts, and with barristers who are true specialists in  dental negligence claims.


Attention to detail is vital in what we do. We will ensure that every page of your dental records is read, and analysed to see if it is relevant to your claim. We will ensure that every item of financial loss which you have suffered is claimed for.


It is not easy to win a claim against a  dentist. Often such claims are defended with determination. Professional reputations may be at stake.  Your own dental negligence lawyers need to be equally, or even more determined. The Dental Negligence Team prides itself on fighting the corner of its clients.

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