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Negligent Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The most common type of claim for negligent wisdom teeth extraction concerns nerve damage. It is essential, before undertaking such surgery to remove wisdom teeth, for the dentist to take good x-rays which show the position of the roots of the wisdom teeth in relation to the inferior dental nerve. If no such x-ray has been performed and damage to the inferior dental nerve occurs, there may well be a claim for negligent wisdom teeth extraction.

Claim for negligent wisdom teeth extraction

Sometimes damage can occur to the lingual nerve too, which affects the tongue, and this could be due to negligence, depending upon the facts of the particular case.

Occasionally extraction of a wisdom tooth has been known to lead to a fracture of the mandible (the lower jaw) and this is likely to give rise to a claim.

If a dentist is not competent to have attempted removal of a wisdom tooth, that could also lead to a successful claim against him, on the basis that he should have referred the patient on to a specialist.

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