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The Process Explained



So you’re unhappy with your dental care? What are your options? Most of all, you probably want to know what has gone wrong, and why. Sometimes the dental professionals will explain that to you as a matter of course. Often they won’t.

You can seek answers through a formal complaints process; often we may recommend that you do just that, as a first step.

But ultimately, instructing a specialist legal team like the Dental Negligence Team is the only way of ensuring:

  • An INDEPENDENT expert dental view of what’s gone wrong and
    what the future prognosis is
  • An informed assessment of what your financial losses might amount to in the future
  • Appropriate and FULL compensation for your injuries

Making a claim is a simple process, if you choose to instruct the Dental Negligence team. See What Happens Next. We will make sure we find the best way of funding of your claim and from the first discussion that we have with you we will take the problems out of your hands and provide solutions for you. Making a claim does not have to be a stressful experience and we will do our very best to ensure that it is not.


Whatever the nature of your injury, if it may have been caused by sub-standard dental care, the Dental Negligence Team can help.

After you first make contact with us, we will provide an analysis of your potential case, and advise whether you should pursue it further.

If we believe that your case is likely to succeed we will explore ways of funding your case with you.

The next step is to get copies of all your dental records, which we will thoroughly review. We will then instruct a dental expert (who is completely independent and unbiased) to provide reports on the standard of care you have received.

Based on the expert evidence, we will put your case to the dentist who has provided negligent care. If negligence is admitted, we will quantify your case. If it is denied then, providing the expert dental evidence is strong enough, we will proceed through the courts, to a trial if necessary.


If you are concerned about having received sub-standard dental care, you need advice and representation from a specialist dental negligence solicitor.

You will want your solicitor to specialise in dental negligence claims, to have a track record of success, to be part of a reputable and supportive team, and to have ready access to genuinely specialist expert dental opinions.

You should seek reassurance that the firm you select has objective recognition of its expertise, from the Law Society, APIL (the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) and AvMA (Action against Medical Accidents).

The Dental Negligence Team ticks all of these boxes, and more. We are recognised for our expertise in medical negligence claims and dental negligence claims by the Law Society, APIL and AvMA, we have a formidable track record of success, and we are genuinely specialist.

Whatever your story, the chances are that we have dealt with something similar. We instruct dental experts who have track records of advising thoroughly and objectively, and if a barrister needs to be instructed, we will ensure that he or she too is a real expert in the field.

Choose a team of dental negligence experts; choose the Dental Negligence Team.

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