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    You will have undergone cosmetic dentistry to improve the overall look of your teeth, so it can be both physically and psychologically challenging if you have been left with failed cosmetic dentistry. If you have experienced injury as a result of negligent cosmetic dental treatment, we can help you to get your smile back through a claim for compensation.

    You may have experienced:

    • loss of vitality of teeth due to ‘over-preparation’ (removal of excessive tooth enamel)
    • failure to adequately cool the tooth during veneer preparation, leading to loss of strength of the tooth’s substance
    • excessive sensitivity after placement of white composite fillings, or failure of the white fillings
    • carrying out work in too many quadrants of the mouth at one time, which can affect a person’s bite and cause longstanding issues and pain.

    Find out more about when negligence may have occurred in our full guide to negligent cosmetic dentistry here >>

    What kinds of procedures can I claim for?

    We can help with a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry claims, including for negligence in the process of:

    • crown and bridgework
    • orthodontic work
    • gum contouring
    • veneers (where part of the tooth enamel is removed and replaced with a thin shell of porcelain or composite material to improve the appearance of a tooth)
    • bleaching/tooth whitening
    • the replacement of amalgam fillings with white composite cosmetic fillings.

    In order to succeed in a dental negligence claim you must prove both breach of duty (aka evidence of substandard care) as well as causation (aka what harm stemmed from the substandard care). You must prove both elements in order to succeed.

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    How long will it take to make a claim?

    The length of a dental negligence case depends on the individual facts of the case itself, although as a rule of thumb most simple claims should be dealt with within 18-24 months.

    You can find out more about the process of making a claim here.

    How much compensation might you receive? How is it calculated?

    The amount of compensation you receive will depend entirely on the circumstances of the case and your personal situation, as it is calculated based on the pain and suffering you have experienced as well as any loss you may have incurred as a result (perhaps through further treatment to attempt to ‘fix’ the issue).

    You can find out more about compensation and how it is calculated here.

    Our specialist team of dental negligence solicitors have been winning cases for clients for over a decade and are specific cosmetic dentistry specialists.

    We have a national reputation for our work and represent clients from across the UK in dental negligence claims. We work closely with our dental experts who are also leading consultants within their field and will ensure that the best experts are working with us, for you, from start to finish.

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