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Tooth Extraction Negligence

It is quite common for a dentist to fracture a tooth during an extraction, and not negligent in itself. However, once this occurs, the dentist should take an x-ray to see if the remaining roots can safely be removed, or whether there is a risk of nerve damage in which case a referral should be made.


If the dentist goes ahead and tries to remove the roots, and causes nerve damage, there may well be a claim for tooth extraction negligence.

Sometimes a dentist simply removes the wrong tooth. As you would expect, extraction of the wrong tooth would usually lead to a successful claim for tooth extraction negligence. It has to be recognised that dental pain can be non-specific, so it is not always clear which tooth is causing the patient’s pain, but this can usually be resolved by an x-ray.

Fracture of the mandible (the lower jaw) can occur during extractions, and if excessive force has been used by the dentist then there is likely to be a successful claim for negligence.

Sometimes, during the extraction off a tooth, damage occurs to surrounding structures, such as fillings in adjacent teeth, or even a fracture of an adjacent tooth. Such damage may well give rise to a successful claim for tooth extraction negligence.

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