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Dental Implant Negligence

Implants are a relatively recent advance in dentistry, and are becoming increasingly common. Essentially an implant is an artificial titanium root, placed into the bone, around which crown or bridge work can then be constructed.

Dental implant negligence claim

Sometimes there is insufficient bone to place the implant, and bone augmentation is required before the implant can be placed.

More and more dentists are placing implants, but few of them have undergone  detailed training, and many are under qualified to perform such technically demanding work. This has led to an increase in dental implant negligence.

Implant placement can lead to damage to nerves, or other surrounding structures, and sometimes implants are placed at such a bad angle that damage can be caused  to the jaw bone. Even if damage is not caused to neighbouring structures a badly angled implant can lead to a painful of cosmetically unattractive outcome, which may lead to a successful claim for damages.

Failure of an implant will not necessarily lead to a successful claim for dental implant negligence, since medical factors or the smoking habits of the patient may well be causative of the failure of the implant.

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