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How we work with dental professionals

We are one of only a handful of firms nationwide who specialise in dental negligence law, and we believe in working together with leading dental practitioners to improve standards of patient safety.

How we can add value for your practice

We represent patients who have received negligent dental treatment and are seeking compensation.

As you are likely aware, many people are reluctant to go through the remedial treatment that they so desperately need. By recommending you as a ‘safe pair of hands’ – a professional who cares about their patients’ health, who will do a great job and be sensitive to the fact that people do have poor dental experiences – we can help to add value for your practice and our dental negligence clients. It’s a ‘win-win’.

If you’ve spotted substandard dental care

Most of you will have taken on new patients from other practices and been shocked at the standard of treatment that they have received.

It’s the conversation you dread having, where you tell the patient that they need (sometimes very expensive) restorative treatment, intensive periodontal management, or that they need to take better care of their teeth.

It’s not always easy for new patients to hear such news, especially given the expense of further treatment.

However, there is a possibility that your patients can recoup some of the money by bringing a claim against their previous practice. If so, they are more likely to go ahead with the treatment.

While the General Dental Council (GDC) is able to investigate the dental practitioners’ fitness to practice, it is not able to offer refunds or financial compensation. The role of the GDC is often commonly misunderstood by patients. Likewise, we often hear of dentists recommending patients to obtain a refund or to seek the remedial treatment free of charge from their previous dental practitioner.

Unfortunately, while this may seem like a good option to the patient initially, the patient is left uncompensated for their pain and suffering, and costs such as future replacement cycles are often not considered.

If you think your patient has previously received substandard dental care, consider recommending us. Not only does it demonstrate that you care about their continued dental health, it also helps them to afford long-term treatment they might not otherwise have been able to pay for.

Our team has a long history of successful dental negligence claims, recognising the necessary compensation for further treatment.

Come and meet the team

We also hold regular seminars and workshops for local dental practitioners giving you the opportunity to meet our team and find out more about a range of legal topics, including:

  • breaking into the expert witness market
  • understanding consent from a legal perspective
  • risk-management in treating patients.

If there is a particular topic that you think would be of benefit to your practice or your organisation, we would be more than happy to deliver an in-house seminar. Please get in touch with any members of our team to discuss this further.

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