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National Smile Month

  • National Smile Month runs from 19 May 2014 to 19 June 2014, and aims simply to improve oral health throughout the UK.

    By Rebecca Callard

National Smile Month was initiated by the British Dental Health Foundation, an oral health charity, to raise awareness of important dental health issues by holding events and activities to educate people around the UK, particularly in disadvantaged communities and regions.


National Smile Month is supported by big sponsors such as Oral-B, Denplan, BUPA and Invisaline, and the goal of the campaign is to reduce harm caused by preventable oral disease, thereby improving peoples lives generally.

Previously known as “Smile 77”, it was originally just 1 week long. Smile 77, and then National Smile Week, was launched when it became evident that 1 in 3 people across the UK did not have any of their own natural teeth. It investigated the potential reasons for this shocking statistic, and as a result aimed to motivate better oral hygiene by encouraging people to take responsibility for their own oral health and by breaking down communication barriers between dentists and their patients.

National Smile Month 2014 provides organised grass-root activities such as road shows, fun days, talks and displays to promote its 3 key messages to help motivate, educate and communicate for the importance of positive oral hygiene:

1. Brushing teeth for just 2 minutes twice per day;
2. Cutting down on sugary foods and drinks;
3. Attending regular dental appointments.

National Smile Month has progressed year on year since it was launched, so much so that the concept has now spread to the USA, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates. Last year, the 3 key messages above reached 80 million people.

The Dental Negligence Team, who act for patients relating to a wide range of dental treatment, are proud to support this campaign, and if you would like further information on National Smile Month you can obtain further details from their website.


Often, dentists who are subjected to dental negligence claims being brought against them argue that their patients have contributed to their own poor dental health and their subsequent need for costly restorative treatment by having poor oral hygiene or by failing to attend regular dental appointments. This can impact upon the level of damages awarded.  It is therefore vital that patients are proactive in managing their own dental health as well as seeking regular professional advice.

Preventable oral disease can still occur even when a patient has excellent oral hygiene. It may occur as a result of dental treatment, or lack of dental treatment, being provided. The Dental Negligence Team have secured tens of thousands in damages for clients who have suffered such treatment. Their stories can be read on the ‘Recent Cases’ section of our website.

If you are suffering with an oral disease, or are requiring dental treatment to counteract a dental problem, then it may be that your dentist should have done more for you to prevent it from happening. If you think you have suffered negligent dental treatment then contact one of our specialists to have a free, confidential chat, and we will offer you some advice as to the options available to you.

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