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Negligent Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is becoming more and more popular but sadly for some, the pursuit of the perfect smile can turn into a traumatic experience. If you believe you have suffered poor dental care, and are looking for compensation from your dentist, talk to the Dental Negligence Team. We are one of the leading firms of dental negligence solicitors in England and Wales, with years of experience conducting claims against dentists.

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If you believe that you may have a claim against your dentist for negligent cosmetic dental work, please contact us via our freephone number or by filling in our request a call back form. We will ensure that you get to speak quickly and directly to one of our dedicated team who can advise you on your options, free of charge.

After you first make contact, we will then:

  • Provide an analysis of your potential case
  • Advise whether you should pursue it further
  • Explore ways of funding your case with you if we believe you have a case

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All of our partners are accredited specialist practitioners with The Law Society and have extensive experience in running negligent cosmetic dentistry claims on behalf of Claimants.

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What does cosmetic dentistry include?

Examples of cosmetic dentistry include:

  • Veneers – where a part of the tooth enamel is removed and replaced with a thin shell of porcelain or composite material to improve the appearance of a tooth
  • Tooth whitening
  • The replacement of amalgam fillings with white composite cosmetic fillings.

Claims for negligent cosmetic dentistry most commonly involve problems with veneers. This could be:

  • Loss of vitality of teeth due to “over-preparation” (the removal of excess tooth enamel)
  • Failure to adequately cool the tooth during veneer preparation, leading to loss of strength of the tooth’s substance
  • Failure to provide the desired cosmetic outcome.

Other types of claims could include:

  • Excessive sensitivity after placement of the white composite fillings, or failure of white fillings
  • Placing fillings over existing decay
  • Poor outcomes resulting from treatment in too many quadrants of the mouth at any one time.

Although claims for substandard tooth whitening are less common, if a poor outcome has resulted please contact us.

The level of compensation awarded will differ in relation to the extent and consequences the negligent treatment. There is no “fixed amount” as every case is different. However, the Dental Negligence Team will always strive to achieve the maximum compensation available for you.


Damages (i.e. compensation) consist of 3 main strands:-

  • General damages; this is an amount which is designed to compensate you for your pain and suffering (known formally as “pain, suffering and loss of amenity”);. These awards are usually set by the court, by reference to the Judicial College Guidelines. For an approximate estimate of your general damages please refer to our dental negligence claims calculator.
  • Special damages; this largely relates to past financial losses incurred from the accident to the date of the trial, for example your past dental treatment that has been required due to the negligence, travel costs to various appointments etc
  • Future losses; as you would expect, this sets out the losses that you are likely to incur in the future, as a result of your injury. This will include the costs for treatment and travel to appointments required as a result of the negligence.

Whilst the dentist you are making a claim against has the right to refuse to continue your treatment, this does not mean that you cannot be treated by a different dentist at the same practice. However, if you would prefer to continue your treatment elsewhere, you are entitled to do so and this will not have any impact on your claim. If you need treatment whilst your claim is ongoing, such as veneer preparation, implants or orthodontic work, it is important that you continue with this treatment. If the treatment is required due to negligence, this will be factored into your claim.

The fact you are making a claim will not affect your eligibility to join another NHS practice.

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