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Myra initially decided to contact solicitors about dental negligence due to concerns about the failure of a Maryland bridge which she had fitted to one of her molars.

Before beginning the process of a claim, Myra had sent a written complaint to the dental practice. However her treating dentist, the defendant, had refused to accept liability for the failure.

Myra initially approached a different firm of clinical negligence solicitors, who took on her claim but subsequently advised her that, due to the fact chances of success were limited, they couldn’t proceed with the claim. Instead they recommended that she go through the small claims court.

When Royds Withy King reviewed Myra’s dental records it became apparent that, beyond the failure of her Maryland bridge, there was a potential claim in respect of substandard root canal treatment. Myra was advised of this and was happy to proceed on this basis.

A dento-legal expert was also instructed to assist in preparing a report into Myra’s claim. Although this in fact confirmed that there was no negligence in respect of the Maryland bridge provided by her dentist, Myra had in fact suffered from numerous other negligent failings. These included substandard root canal treatment to her one of her front teeth, a failure to diagnose and treat decay across many of her molars, and a substandard restoration provided to another molar.

Prior to starting her claim, Myra had already undergone root canal treatment across many of her molars, and re-root canal treatment of one of her front teeth, which our expert considered was only needed because of the defendant’s negligence with the initial treatments.

Our expert also advised that, in addition, Myra would now require specialist endodontic treatment for one of her molars, and crowns across many others. This was extensive restorative work which could have been avoided but for the defendant’s negligence.

Myra received a total award of £10,500.00 in damages, enabling Myra to undergo the remedial treatment she requires.

Myra was very happy with the service that she received from Royds Withy King, and thanked us for securing her settlement. She describes the results of the expert report as ‘eye-opening’ as it exposed the truth about the standard of dental care that she had received.



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