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When the Dental Negligence Team explored his case further though, other allegations came to light. It turned out that, unfortunately, the way Nick been treated by his dentist had caused other injuries worthy of compensation. It turned out that Nick’s initial complaint was not negligent, but our team uncovered other issues with his dental treatment that meant he was entitled to compensation.

Nick suffered from negligent dental treatment to three teeth: his 6th tooth on the lower right of his mouth (abbreviated in dental records to ‘LR6’) and his 5th and 6th teeth on the lower left of his mouth (abbreviated to ‘LL5’ and ‘LL6’):

  • LL5 tooth – the defendant dentist failed to restore this tooth with a crown in 2016 and missed his opportunity again in 2017. Instead, a post was negligently placed in this tooth in 2017. As such, Nick suffered a fracture to this tooth and then lost this tooth. Had it been crowned back in 2016 or 2017, then the tooth could have been saved. The post also contributed to the loss of this tooth.
  • LL6 tooth – the Defendant dentist negligently undertook a re-root canal filling at this tooth on 18 September 2017 and 22 September 2017. As such, Nick suffered from the unjustified and avoidable pain and suffering from this unnecessary treatment.

The issues with Nick’s treatment meant that for a long period of time his eating habits were drastically altered to accommodate the pain he was in. He described these changes as life altering because he was constantly avoiding certain foods and only choosing softer alternatives which meant that he could not enjoy food in the same way as before. He also needed to use over the counter repair kits to constantly replace parts of his fillings which kept falling away, prior to these teeth being extracted, which took its toll financially and emotionally on him

The Dental Negligence Team settled Nick’s case for £7,500 after spending two years investigating it. Evidence in the form of medical records and expert reports were gathered, however, initially, the defendant did not engage in negotiations and robustly defended their position with a very low and unreasonable offer in settlement.

The Dental Negligence Team at RWK Goodman had no choice but to enter into formal court proceedings by way of issuing and formally serving the claim on the defendant. After these steps had been carried out, the defendant was enticed into more meaningful and reasonable settlement negotiations by RWK Goodman and Nick obtained the higher compensation award that he deserved.

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