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DMello Struck off by General Dental Council

  • A blog looking at the recent decision by the General Dental Council, to strike off a Nottinghamshire dentist due to substandard dental treatment.

    By Samantha Swaby

Background to treatment provided by D’Mello

My colleague Ben Lees previously wrote a blog on Desmond D’Mello, detailing the substandard treatment that he was said to have provided to over 22,000 patients. The treatment provided by D’Mello prompted the biggest NHS patient recall.

The NHS then launched an appeal to trace his patients to test them for Hepatitis B and C and HIV. I later followed this up with a blog, following reports that D’Mello’s patients may not be able to recover any compensation.


At D’Mello’s hearing there were 56 allegations brought against him and only one was unproven. The allegations brought against D’Mello ranged from:

– failing to wear surgical gloves for the examination or treatment of some of his patients;

– failing to carry out any or any adequate hand hygiene;

– not sterilising dental equipment after each use;

– wiping his hands on his tunic or trousers;

– failing to put on a new surgical mask for each patient;

– issuing antibiotics to patients without any diagnosis or checking whether they had any allergies

 D’Mello did not attend the hearing and his dental nurse, Caroline Surgery who also had charges against her, admitted 27 allegations at the same hearing.


D’Mello has been struck off by the General Dental Council which means that he will no longer be able to practice as a dentist in the UK. D’Mello’s former dental nurse will still be able to practice, but must accept conditions and work under close supervision.

Jonathan Green, of the GDC, said as well as not being able to practice as a dentist in the UK, dental regulators across Europe will be notified of the panel’s decision. He also advised that:

“At no stage did Mr D’Mello demonstrate an understanding of the severity of the charges, such as by either admitting to any of his failings, or apologise to his patients,”

Some patients of D’Mello’s welcomed the decision, whereas some patients still hold D’Mello in high regards, and advise he was a friendly dentist.


We welcome the news that the General Dental Council has taken action, as patients should be able to attend the dentist, without any fears. Our Dental Negligence Team has a lot of experience in dealing with dental claims and if you wish to discuss a potential claim, please call the team and we will be happy to assist.

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