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Negligent Extraction of Wisdom teeth

  • When will a person require the extraction of wisdom teeth and what to do if something goes wrong.

    By Samantha Swaby

The extraction of wisdom teeth is one of the most common procedures carried out in the UK. The extraction may be carried out by a dentist or may require referral to a specialist surgeon.


There are a number of reasons, why extraction of a wisdom tooth may become necessary. A wisdom tooth may need to be extracted if there is not enough space in a person’s mouth to accommodate the teeth or if the teeth grow in the wrong direction.

Further if the wisdom teeth have partly come through, food and bacteria can become trapped underneath the gum and this can lead to further dental problems if left untreated. Similarly, if the teeth become difficult to clean and become decayed, extraction of the wisdom teeth may be the only option.


If a dentist feels that an extraction of wisdom teeth is necessary, a dentist will usually carry out an x-ray.  The x-ray should help the dentist decide whether they will be able to carry out the extraction or whether the patient may need a referral to an oral surgeon.

Patients will be given local anaesthetic and the extraction will then take place. If having the extraction carried out in hospital, general anaesthetic may be necessary.  A dentist may provide sedatives to patients who are very anxious about the procedure.


Problems which can arise following an extraction of wisdom teeth include:

  • Dry socket – an acute inflammation of the bone lining the socket. The pain can be intense and can spread to one side of a person’s face.  This tends to occur when there has been a failure of a formation of a blood clot or the blood clot has been dislodged.
  • Nerve injury – this may be temporary or permanent and can result in a loss of feeling in the tongue, lower jaw or lower lip.
  • Excessive Bleeding
  • Infection – this can manifest as persistent swelling and pain from the extraction site.


Whilst the majority of these procedures are carried out with no problems, as dental negligence lawyers we assist in claims where damage has been caused following the negligent extraction of wisdom teeth.

The Dental Negligence Team acted for a female client who suffered significant damage to her lingual nerve following the extraction of her wisdom tooth. During the extraction, there was significant lingual distal bone removal, causing a right lingual nerve injury. The Dental Negligence team were successful in securing compensation for this female, to compensate her for her injuries.

If you or your family have suffered problems following the extraction of wisdom teeth please contact the Dental Negligence Team to ensure that your concerns are fully investigated.

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