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Poor dental fillings

Dental fillings are used to restore teeth that have been affected by tooth decay and many fillings are carried out by dentist every year.  Filling teeth is a common procedure, however, if a dentist provides a patient with a poor dental filling this can lead to a host of problems and cause a person to suffer unnecessary pain and suffering.


When a dentist identifies tooth decay, a filling may be the most appropriate treatment in order to prevent further damage to the tooth.  The procedure is relatively straightforward and the dentist may use a drill and administer local anaesthetic to carry out the treatment.


Possible signs of poor dental fillings may include:

– unshaped or un-smoothed fillings

– very large fillings


The failure by a dentist to adequately carry out a filling can lead to ongoing tooth aches and pain. Whilst most people may experience some ache after having a tooth filled, tooth ache which last several weeks may be the sign of a poor dental filling.

If the filling has not been adequately prepared, the mixture may not bond properly to the tooth tissue and this may cause the filling to fall out or cause a gap, which could then allow further decay to form and lead to long lasting toothache as the pulp of the tooth becomes infected.

Further, if the edges of a filling are not smoothed down or shaped correctly, this too can lead to tooth ache and have an impact on the neighbouring teeth or gums.

A person may also suffer from an incorrect bite, if the filling has been made too high and this can cause difficulties when trying to eat and cause a person pain and discomfort.  Similarly if a filling is too large, this can also lead to tooth ache and can make it difficult to adequately clean the teeth and the person will then become at risk from further decay and may require further fillings or alternative treatment.

 A large filling can also weaken the tooth and, should this filling fail, it may be the case that the tooth is no longer able to support a cavity and a root canal treatment may be needed as a result or a crown may be needed in order to replace the filling. If decay is allowed to develop further a person may experience sensitivity in their teeth.

In severe cases a person may lose their tooth if the filling cannot be replaced and the tooth has developed further decay which can no longer be treated.


In the Dental Negligence Team, we see many cases where a person has suffered from poor dental fillings. The Team acted for a client who received a settlement for the failure of her dentist to carry out adequate fillings. The two fillings her dentist had placed were over filled and were too high and her dentist had failed to remove the decay in preparing the tooth for a filling and this resulted in pain and infection for our client. As a result of the poor dental fillings the client required a root canal treatment and faced the possibility of the teeth being extracted in the future.

If you have suffered from poor dental fillings which have caused you problems, please contact a specialist dental negligence solicitor, such as those in the Dental Negligence Team, who will be happy to assist and advise you whether you may be successful in bringing a dental negligence claim for compensation for your suffering.

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  1. Nearly all dentists are crooks who deceive you into believing you need fillings. you trust them and they betray your trust..they make lots of money , you have a life of pain and suffering..most of them are very arogant and bad tempered too…

  2. I got a filling about a year ago. I complained to my dentist about the sensitivity being so bad I could barely eat on 3 different occasions and he had no advice. He tried to put some sealant on the front of the tooth to help, which did nothing, and within a week I had a severe tooth infection. I was in so much pain I was in tears. I’m convinced it was due to a poor filling and the fact that he wrote off my complaints as normal.

    Now I need a root canal… 🙁

  3. Hi Angela. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been in so much pain. If you would like to discuss this further, please do contact us.

  4. Hi I recently had a filling on my back molar tooth. My dentist was filing down my tooth in the back with the drill he filed down my 2 side two top teeth when he was doing that. When I close my mouth my bite is wrong I feel like I am going to chew my front teeth. Do you think my filling is too high or to low? My tongue was drilled on too I seen a red spot on my tongue. I went back he said my back tooth looks fine and only thing he can do for the top teeth is bond it but it would just fall off. Really bad dentist. What can I do

  5. I think my filling may be too high. I’m having very bad sensitivity with the last one my dentist did and I can hardly stand any type of temperature to that tooth with out pain. The gum looks like it’s inflamed and possibly an infection may have started. How do I know if it’s because the filling is too high?

  6. Hi Lisa and Jahonna. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having such issues with your fillings. Please do contact us and speak to a specialist member of our team. We will be more than happy to discuss this further with you. Kind regards, Yasmine Qasim

  7. Very great post. It’s really a nice and helpful piece of info. I’m happy that you shared this helpful information with us. Thanks for sharing post with us.

  8. Following a checkup, my dentist advised me to have an old filling replacedin my lower left 7. This was done late in November. I had no pain before the new filling but it has been extremely sensitive to cold with occasional sharp pain on contact with upper teeth. This has worsened, the gap between this tooth and ll5 is often painful ( the 6 was removed 3 years ago) and the 5 has been painful.
    On Wednesday I called the surgery, explained the situation and was given an appointment for this morning (Saturday) . I duly attended on time but was seen 25 minutes later. My dentist said that the amalgam had not set properly, then told me to make an appointment to get the tooth refilled and sent me away, still in pain!
    I really don’t understand why I had to make an appointment to make another appointment!
    Also, in July 2017 the same dentist talked me into having root canal treatment after I had said I wanted the tooth extracted. The gum became infected and is still scarred, my dentist has since advised me that the root canal treatment has failed but to leave it as it is whilst my system is coping with the infection and to go back when it becomes painful.

    Yvonne Campbell
  9. Hi Yvonne. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been suffering so much pain. Please do contact us to discuss this further on 0800 051 8069 . Kind regards, Yasmine, The Dental Negligence Team

  10. Over the space of around 10 years I would have regular severe tooth ache, with no obvious cavities on the outside of the tooth but an infection showing on the inside. The dentist would drill down and create a big filling, and I had two root canal treatments. I relocated, and after a couple years my doctor diagnosed Trigeminal Neuralgia, which explained the severe toothaches and infections from inside, but the damage was done. My teeth have been breaking and collapsing ever since. I have just been referred for two extractions which mean that 6 teeth have been so damaged they have been removed. It’s been suggested that I have implants, but firstly these are hugely expensive, and secondly I feel that my tooth issues are a direct result of my trigeminal neuralgia not being recognised or diagnosed. Are there anyways that I can get the implants paid for?

    Chris Lewis
    • Hi Chris. I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve had such issues. Please do call us to discuss this further, or email me at yasmine.qasim@roydswithyking.com. Kind regards, Yasmine.

  11. Do you service Kentucky?

    • Dear Shelley

      Unfortunately not, our jurisdiction is limited to England and Wales.

      With kind regards,

      The Dental Negligence Team

  12. went to the dentist last week, no pain but could feel that some old filling had fallen out. I had 4 fillings replace all without anaesthetic, which was fine next to no pain. I left and that night boy was I in pain. Have been ever since! Today I went back have been given antibiotics (which I hate) and told that I will need root canal next week now. I am unsure weather the advice I am getting is good also how do we know what dentists are good.

    • Hi Nicola. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been in so much pain. Please do contact us to discuss this further. With kind regards, the Dental Negligence Team.

  13. I have been going to the same dentist for 5/6 years to now be told l have a tooth badly decayed it can’t be saved and a one beside it that needs root canal treatment after having yearly check ups lm shocked to know my tooth can’t be saved

    Elizabeth -Anne
    • Dear Elizabeth-Anne, I am sorry to hear that you’ve recently been advised that your tooth can no longer be saved.
      If you would like to speak with one of the dental negligence team further, please do email or call us and we can discuss whether you have a potential claim in negligence.
      Kind regards,

  14. Commendable one!
    Amalgam fillings leaves a grayish or black deposition on the teeth which is not acceptable. Everyone desires of pure whiter smiles so composite filings serves the best for this. Dental fillings in Auckland are really affordable and bonds to tooth surface faster giving it a natural look. You couldn’t be more happier when you get the smile you’ve ever desire of.

  15. I’ve been having pain and preassuer on the left side of my face and had a few abscess which I’ve never had before….. So the dentist removed my wisdom and that was that still having pain the Dr sent me for a cat scan to check my sinuses nothing. So back to the dentist which then said the filling that was next to my old wisdom was over filled but didn’t seem to concerned still in pain and on one speaks English to fully understand to explain

    • Dear Amy,
      I am sorry to hear that you’ve been suffering with pain since the extraction of your wisdom tooth.
      I note that there were concerns about your wisdom tooth being over filled.
      If you would like to speak with one of the dental negligence team further, please do email or call us and we can discuss whether you have a potential claim in negligence.
      Kind regards,

  16. Hello. Have been worried about how good my dentist is for a while. Had a filling done apparently because it needed to be done but was having no pain at all with it. After I had to go back twice because it was overfilled. I bit down hard because the bite was wrong and think I have cracked the root. Couldn’t chew on that side for months. Want to change dentist especially as my daughter is having a problem after a filling with her too. I am in Lincoln and really don’t know if I will get a worse dentist if I change. Really have lost my trust in them.

    • Dear Linda,
      I am sorry to hear that you have lost your trust in your dentist.
      I note that you are concerned about some filling treatment that you underwent.
      If you would like to speak with one of the dental negligence team further, please do email or call us and we can discuss whether you have a potential claim in negligence.
      Kind regards,


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