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Toothpaste that repairs your teeth

I recently read an article in the Independent Online, that a toothpaste has been developed by a team at Queen Mary, University of London that repairs teeth as you sleep. The toothpaste which contains BioMinF, which is known as a bioactive glass, binds to the teeth, filling any holes and slowly releases a mix of calcium, phosphate and fluoride.

The toothpaste

The team at Queen Mary, University of London is being led by Professor Robert Hill, who is chairman of Dental Physical Sciences at Queen Mary, University of London. The ingredient in the toothpaste is said to effectively reverse the damage caused by acidic drinks and other food and drink.

Professor Hill said:

‘This breakthrough innovation could significantly reduce dental decay and also tooth sensitivity problems which are often experienced by people eating or drinking something cold.’

The team will start selling the toothpaste via its own website and will cost around £4.99 for a 75ml tube.

Importance of brushing your teeth

Everyone knows the importance of brushing their teeth, twice a day and hopefully this toothpaste will result in less people requiring fillings. However, some people may not be able to afford the toothpaste at £4.99. Therefore, it is important that whatever toothpaste you chose to use, that you brush your teeth adequately.

Brushing your teeth removes plaque, which if left to grow can cause decay, gum disease and tooth loss if left uncontrolled. Toothpaste can also help to remove stains from your teeth and leave your breath smelling fresh. Toothpastes which contain fluoride also help to make your teeth less vulnerable to decay.

Whilst it is important to brush your teeth, people should also ensure that they attend their dentist for routine appointments. Whilst brushing can help prevent tooth decay and other dental problems, it is still necessary to see a dentist. When attending the dentist people should also discuss with the dentist any problems they have experienced with their teeth or gums, since their last visit.

Our experience

In the Dental Negligence Team, we often deal with cases, where a dentist has failed to diagnose decay in our client’s teeth. The failure to diagnose decay, has often lead to the client requiring a larger filling than necessary, root canal treatment or extraction of the tooth. If you are interested to learn more about the types of cases that the teams handle, please see our  cases section of our website. If you would like to discuss a dental enquiry, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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