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For Paul, his dental negligence ordeal started in November 2015.

Whilst at work, one of Paul’s dental crowns fell out, so he did what many of us would do and went to his local NHS dentist. The dentist re-fixed the crown and also provided a filling to another tooth whilst he was there.

Once Paul got home though, the problems began. When he tried to eat something, he noticed that the filling clashed with his other teeth, making it very difficult to chew.

So, Paul went back to the NHS dentist, who proceeded to file down one of his other teeth. However, he was still left unable to eat – even after another two or three visits. Eventually, the dentist said that they could do nothing more to his teeth. In his own words, Paul was “stuck”.

After not a single day off work for 30 years, Paul spent the next two months at home – the stress of the negligence he had experienced was just too much.

Once he made it back to work in February 2016, he decided to join a private dental practice to see what could be done about his teeth. It cost him £1800 to have the remedial treatment he required and he was advised to wear a mouth guard to prevent any further wear to  his teeth; the stress he’d experienced had led him to grinding his teeth, which was too much for them to bear. But there’s still work to be done to restore his teeth to their former condition.

It wasn’t until January 2017, when Paul had had time to come to terms with what had happened, that he thought about getting in touch with solicitors to see if he was entitled to compensation. For him it wasn’t just about the money though, he wanted to make it clear to the dentist who had treated him that they needed to improve.

This was when he came across the Dental Negligence Team, as a team of specialist solicitors he felt we were able to help where others couldn’t.

“Everybody at the firm filled me with confidence throughout the process. I couldn’t ask for a better service.

 The team were in constant contact, and not only that but their letters were easy to read and they explained simply what needed to be done, how it would work, and the expected outcome. And it was easy to follow: everything was put in English rather than double-dutch!”

The team represented Paul in order to gain compensation for substandard crowns and fillings, the loss of a tooth, the failure to protect against the wearing of other teeth and the stress he suffered. His claim settled for £8,500.

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